End Of The Century - The Story Of The Ramones [DVD]

In 1974 the New York City music scene was shocked into consiousness by a band of misfits from Queens called the Ramones. Playing in seedy Bowery bar to a small group of fellow struggling musicians, the band struck a chord of disharmony that rocked the foundation of the '70s music scene. Tracing the history of the band, from its unlikely origins through its star-crossed career, bitter demise and the sad fates of Joey and Dee Dee, End of the Century is a vibrant, candid document of one of the most influential groups in the history of rock.

DVD Special Features:

  • Theatrical Trailer
  • Deleted Scene: "Clem Burke as Elvis Ramone"
  • Joey Ramone radio interview from FM 106.3
  • Johnny Ramone interview excerpts
  • Richie Ramone interview excerpts
  • Marky Ramone drum techniques
  • Joe Strummer interview excerpts
  • Tommy Ramone interview excerpts
  • Debbie Harry and Chris Stein interview excerpts
  • "Who Wrote What On the First 3 Albums" by Tommy Ramone

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